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Buckeye Wildlife Solutions Mansfield Bird Removal Services Has Been Protecting Homes And Business For Over 20 Years

Buckeye Wildlife Solutions Mansfield Bird Removal Branch is the leading bird removal and bird prevention service in Greater Mansfield, Ohio region. Our Mansfield Bird Removal Team provides exceptional bird control service to tens of thousands of Mansfield homeowners and businesses.

Our well-educated and personable staff believe top-notch service and customer satisfaction are number 1. As a result, our Mansfield Bird Removal team diligently works with each customer to construct the perfect bird removal or deterrence plan for their particular nuisance bird problem.

Simply put, we are Mansfield, Ohio’s resident bird professionals. Nobody can compare with Buckeye Wildlife Solutions Mansfield bird removal, control, and deterrence.

Our distinctive blend of skill, experience, adaptability, and access to the latest products and knowledge enables us to stay several steps ahead of our competitors. Call our office today at (844) 544-9453 to get rid of birds now!

Family Run Company

As with any local business, Buckeye Wildlife Solutions built ourselves up by consistently delivering our promise to make life better for people like you. Although we cover a large area, we strive to maintain the small business ethos that got us here, to begin with.

Licensed And Insured

Every member of Buckeye Wildlife Solutions staff undergoes the necessary training and licensure processes required to be a wildlife control operator in the state of Ohio. Additionally, our company holds the requisite insurance for practicing wildlife removal throughout the state.

100% Satisfaction

Buckeye Wildlife Solutions strives for complete customer satisfaction in everything we do. From design to execution, you can be sure that we’ll keep you in the loop at every turn. Our end goal is that you feel safe and satisfied with the state of your property.

Personalized Bird Solutions
No two bird control jobs are ever the same. Therefore, we design custom bird removal plans from scratch using our years of training, field experience, ingenuity and, of course, any input you feel is necessary or useful.
Humane Trapping

Buckeye Wildlife Solutions strongly believes in the humane treatment of animals as well as maintaining our ecosystem. As a result, we practice humane trapping whenever possible and make sure to sty up-to-date with all state and federal regulations and guidelines.

Services Beyond Bird Control

On top of bird control services, we also offer general wildlife and pest removal services as well as attic cleanup and sanitation, insulation repair, chimney capping, and much more. Call our office today to ask about our services!

A Home Based Company - Born And Bred

Buckeye Wildlife Solutions Mansfield Bird Removal Team is an alliance between two other top-ranked local wildlife removal services in their respective areas of Dayton, and Toledo.

Serving The Greater Mansfield Ohio Region

Buckeye Wildlife Solutions’ extensive team allows us to reach all areas of Mansfield Ohio providing you with the best solutions in bird control, bird removal, cleanup, and sanitation.

Mansfield Bird Removal Uses Science Based Bird Control

Above all, we believe in what science tells us. We make it a point to implement the latest, most innovative methods and products the marketplace offers.

Bird Control Techniques That Work

Mansfield Bird Removal Solutions That Will Solve Any Bird Issue

Barn swallow fledglings by Kati Fleming, CC BY-SA 3.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

There is an easy solution to prevent barn swallows from living in your buildings. Interested? Call us at (844) 544-9453 now.

Buckeye Wildlife Solutions Mansfield, Bird Removal team has over 20 years of combined experience tackling bird removal jobs like yours. Simply put, the capabilities of Mansfield Bird Removal have no limits. Our staff is equipped and trained to handle small residential calls to commercial jobs on the largest scale. Buckeye Wildlife Solutions Mansfield Bird Removal Pros are adaptable, reliable, and available now!

Providing An Extensive Line Of Nuisance Bird Services
Bird Netting, Bird Shock Track Systems, Solar Panel Exclusion, Anti-Roosting Bird Spike, Chemical Control, Perch Blockers, Wire Deterrent Systems, Electronic Deterrents, Audible Deterrents, Visual Deterrents, And Visual Deterrents
Birds can be an unbelievable pain once they have managed to work their way onto your property. They can produce a horrible disaster with heaps of destruction in their wake. Furthermore, they’re tough and stubborn, so removing them from your home or business takes a high degree of skill and creativity. We employ spikes, netting, audio/visual deterrents, and much more to rid you of bird troubles.

Birds Are Amazing And Enjoyable To Watch But
They Can Be Irritating And Destructive As You Can See Below

Buckeye Wildlife Solutions Mansfield Bird Removal team handles all bird problems big or small.
Buckeye Wildlife Solutions Mansfield Bird Removal team will clean then sanitize bird destruction and contamination.
Let Buckeye Wildlife Solutions Mansfield Bird Removal carpentry team can repair any bird damage.

Ohio Bird Control’s Most Common Nuisance Bird Problems



ohio bird control pigeon solutions



ohio bird control solves your canada geese problems


chimney swift. Thanks to Ed Schipul from Houston, TX, US, CC BY-SA 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons


ohio bird control and grackles.


Ohio Bird Control solve all your dove problems


Ohio Bird Control swallows


ohio bird control vultures.  Thanks to Rhododendrites, CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons


ohio bird control solves crow problems


ohio bird control and gull problem solvers. Thanks to Photo by CEphoto, Uwe Aranas


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We Know We Are Doing Well When Our Customers Give Us 5 Stars And Two Thumbs Up

“We called Barnes Wildlife Control to check on what we believed were birds in the attic. Jacob arrived promptly and did a complete survey of the attic with pictures. There were several areas in the attic that had been used as nesting. He also discovered that birds were entering through an unsealed space between the exhaust fan vent pipe and the opening of the wall to the outside. I would definitely use this company again.”
Jay Douglas

Home Owner, 5 stars

“Zack(Buckeye Wildlife Solutions) was fantastic, and cleared out 3 vents which had gotten birds nesting in them, and then made sure they were secure so more couldn’t get in. One of the vents was ridiculously high, and he had to come back the next day with a longer ladder! He was so brave to climb that thing and handle all that while it was windy out. Plus he was very careful to maintain safe social distancing and other safety measures during this pandemic. It’s important we all look out for each other now, and I’m glad he’s staying safe and helping others stay safe, too.”

Ohio Resident

Home Owner, 5 Stars

“This business is the real deal. The quality of their work was exceptional. I called them in the evening and they were at my door the next morning. Chris(Owner of BWSNW) was very professional and courteous on the phone and in person. He would give me a time of arrival so I had an idea when to expect him. He answered all my questions and made sure I understood the process of catching … before he started his work. I would recommend Buckeye Wildlife Solutions Nothwest. They get the job done.”

Sue Archer

Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value, 5 Stars

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